#TheSethBogartShow: What Gay Dreams Are Made Of

Besides dressing kids up in his Wacky Wacko love, hunky Seth Bogart (of Hunx and his Punx and former Gravy Train!) had his opening reception at 356 S Mission Street this past weekend!


And anyone who’s anyone was dressed to impress in the (freely admitted) fashionable queue waiting to get a glimpse inside the fabulous gallery show complete with life size sculptures of legs, toothpaste, sea creatures – AND my personal favorite – a glitter-vomitting reclining chair. Truly, what gay dreams are made of!


Laganja - World of Wonder

Seth’s colorfully expressive installation reminds us a little bit of Pee Wee’s Playhouse, a little bit of Miley, but most of all: it’s a totally original, musically punk-able, pop-up world crafted from the brilliant, creative ingenue that makes-up Bogart’s mind. Seth has the ability to make you want to be cool, and by attending his show, you ARE cooler after the experience!

Condragulations, Seth! Go see his show, through October 2nd!!!